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Exclusive designed weight loss plan after normal and C- Section deliveries safe & no side effects.

banner Even if you are eager to start losing weight after baby , healthy and natural way always wins Post partum weight loss Race. As there is no Limit for weight gaining it will probably take a bit longer to Shed those extra Kilos

Starting a Diet too soon after giving Birth can delay your recovery or make you feel tired and you can not enjoy your motherhood. This weight loss race starts around when your baby is 3 month old and still you are looking like a six month pregnant. But keep in mind that your body needs time to recover from child birth. While doing weight loss your body nutrition is equally important. Amrutveda wellness center will help you with individual exclusive customized weight loss plan. It will be a combination of Natural Herbs, Mild Exercise and Healthy Diet. Whenever you go for Crash diet , initial result is always water loss and it bounce back again.

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Weight loss Packages

Customised Solution in Every Case....

Immediate After Delivery

You just deliver a baby...its wonderful feeling to be a new mother.

When your baby is Toddler

Your well growing toddler may busy in playing themselves today...

When your baby is High Schooler

It matters.... when you see your marriage albums or your...