Aloe cough syrup Pack of 4

Category: Cough and cold

Description: Problems of the respiratory tract are on the rise due to the increased pollution in the surroundings and reduced immunity in the body. Whether small children, young adults or aged people, everybody gets affected in some way or the other. For this cause we have a Solution Amrutveda Aloe Cough Syrup.


Amrutveda Aloe Cough Syrup

Many have prolonged cough and cold since childhood which does not go whatever medicines one takes. For the time being, the medicine works and then again the cough and cold comes back, worse than before. Modern medicines only suppress it and not remove it from the root cause unlike Ayurvedic medicines which work on the root

cause of the disease to eradicate it out from the body completely.

Asthma is another respiratory tract problem which is difficult to bear. Other problems like Tuberculosis, Lung diseases and infections are all caused due to low resistance power of the body.


AMRUTVEDA ALOE COUGH SYRUP is an excellent remedy for cough, cold and throat infections.










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2 table spoon twice a day after Meal; Kids Under 10 years 1 Table spoon twice a day after meal


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