Baby Massage Oil 100 ml


Description: Amrutveda Baby Massage Oil:  Ancient text book of Ayurveda " CHARAK SAMHITA" says that all babies should have regular massage of their skin with natural oils.


It is a blend of selected revitaling herbs that are processed in the oil to nourish the growing of muscles and the tender skin of your child. It is mild enough for your baby's skin. Regular massaging enhances blood, cleanses and makes the skin glow. It also soothes the skin and clears wrinkles giving a free and radiant look daily massage before bath helps in improving baby's growth and development. Massage with baby massaage oil help in the lymphatic drainage. It helps removal of toxins and the waste products from the blood thus the blood and the body over all is purified this baby massage oil eliminates friction and disperses heat evenlly through the body baby massage oil is a nutrient for the skin and strengthens the nerve fibers that are connected to the hair follicles when baby massage oil is applied at the junction of spine and skull they calm down the entire nervous system strengthen memory and improve the eyesight baby massage oil induces deep sleep which is important for healthy growth of a baby.



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