Harsoul Syrup

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Description: Harsoul Syrup is a boon for blossoming womanhood. They contain natural Ayurvedic herbs which help her body counteract the many problems she faces.


Eve, they say, was the first woman on earth…and since then god knows how many have embraced Mother Earth. A woman is an indispensible part of any community…she is a daughter, a wife, an aunt, a sister, a mother, a grandmother, a caretaker, and all that you can think of. Where love and purity can be named there has to be a woman!!! She works tirelessly and as hard as a man does at work or at home. In fact, a woman is more than a homemaker.  

Her body is crafted differently from a man as she has to give birth to a child. She has different reproductive organs which need to be maintained throughout her life in order to be at their best when she embraces motherhood. 

A woman however also suffers from many problems related to her body like menstrual problems, PCOD, cervical and uterine Cancers along with the other general health issues. She has been made in an extremely special manner and so the kind of care she requires has got be extremely special too. 

Amrutveda’s HARSOUL SYRUP is a boon for blossoming womanhood. They contain natural Ayurvedic herbs which help her body counteract the many problems she faces. Herbs like Ashoka, Aloe vera have been called “Stree Mitra”, which means friends of the female!!!  








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Benefits of HARSOUL

  • Provides strength and firmness to the muscles of the uterus

  • Stimulates the ovary and corrects ovarian mechanisms

  • Relaxant, rejuvenator and protects from infections and pain during menses.

  • Reduces white discharge and other vaginal discharges which create problems.

  • Reduces physical and mental stress

  • Improves clotting factors which regulates blood clotting processes.

  • Useful in heavy menstruation as it is garbhashay sankochak (uterus  contracts)

  • Reduces inflammation of the uterus and regularizes menstrual cycle.

  • Corrects hormonal imbalance and ideal even during pregnancy and post it.


Indications :

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifRegulates & restores normal menstrual flow. Useful in irregular menstrual cycles & heavy or less bleeding     complaints. 

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifImproves blood supply to pelvic organs & reduces the inflammation of uterus & also useful in pelvic inflammatory     diseases.

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifImproves ovarian function useful in poly-cystic ovarian disease. 

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifUseful in leucorrhea (white discharge). 

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifIt has an excellent relaxation action useful in relieving dysmenorrhoea (pain during menses). 

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifIt improves the general health of females. 

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifIt corrects the hormonal imbalance in menopausal phase. 

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifIdeal tonic during pregnancy & also after delivery. 

Dosage :

2 tablespoons twice a day before meals or as directed by the physician.

Do's :

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifEat balanced meals & fresh fruits. 

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifGet the right amount of sleep. 

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifConsumption of cow's milk & ghee is useful. 

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifMaintain good hygiene of vaginal area. 

Don'ts :

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifConsume excessive tea & coffee. 

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifEat spicy & oily food.

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifDouch vaginal area with strong chemicals like soaps. 

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifWear nylon undergarments. 

Description: http://www.nirmalayurlife.com/images/arrow_1.gifTake anxiety & stress. 


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