Memocare Granules 300 gm

Category: Memory Booster

Description: A powerful combination to promote your memory naturally. Usually, memory loss is described as the inability to recollect events that occurred in the recent past and/or distant past.


It is normally associated with aging of the brain.Stress and depression might cause memory problems. Memory problem could occur as a side effect of head injury, drug abuse, alcoholism and strokes.Helps to improve memory.

Helps to prevent cognitive impairment and age-related dementia.Beneficial for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and epileptic patients.Helps to improve learning skill, memory retention and motor function.Helps to attenuate stress, anxiety and depression.



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Amrutveda Memocare Capsules constitutes powerful herbs such as Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Vacha and Mulethi. These herbs are associated to treat brain and nervous problems. The Memocare capsules contains a combination of herbal supplements that make it an exemplary alternative to treat stress, depression, memory problems and other malfunctioning of the brain and nervous system.  Changing lifestyle and food habits may have a regressive effect on the health of your brain. A stressful life leads to sleepless nights and can create numerous health issues that might affect the proper functioning of your brain thus, leading to poor memory.




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