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Piles are collections of tissue and vein that become inflamed and swollen. The size of piles can vary, and they are found inside or outside the anus. Piles occur due to chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy, or straining when passing a stool. Ayurveda has the best solution to reduce piles symptoms and improve digestion at the same time. PAILOTAB is the perfect solution which gives instant result in just 3 days. It has a miraculous effect on swelling, itching and pain in piles.


Pilotab is one of the most effective ayurvedic medicines for piles, which aims at helping you achieve a seamless bowel movement. Given that the root cause of piles is indigestion and constipation, this medicine available at our online store has been infused with ingredients that are high in soluble fibre. Moreover, this herbal piles medicine is formulated to work in a synergistic manner to help avert acidity, gas formation as well as gastric upset.


When taken in the recommended fashion, Pilotab is known to eliminate the problem of constipation, reduce bleeding and shrink the pile mass, thus aiding easy cleansing of the bowels.


However, in order to reap the maximum benefits from this ayurvedic pills, a few lifestyle changes such as an increase in the intake of water as well as high-fiber foods and weight loss are suggested. It is also imperative to follow a regular eating pattern and avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.


For what it's worth, Pilotab is by far the best ayurvedic treatment for piles and fissures.

EFFECTIVE RELIEF FROM ITCHING, BURNING AND BLEEDING: Pilotab helps from the inside out increasing circulation and relieving itching, burning, and discomfort. It gets into the bloodstream to strike the haemorrhoid at its source. This medicine helps to remove lumps, stops bleeding and is very effective in curing piles.

REPAIRS TISSUES: Our formula is prudently crafted with precise dosage levels to provide maximum benefits by healing vaginal and perianal excoriation.

MAXIMUM RESULTS WITHOUT SIDE-EFFECTS: We use all natural and herbal ingredients with no side-effects. Our special formula helps in getting rid of piles, which is a common problem in today's lifestyle.

RELIEVES PAIN: Formulated with optimal dosages which help in quick healing of radiation burn and reduce pricking pain.













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- Stops bleeding in 3 days 


2 tablets twice a day with water after meal 


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