Amla Capsules 30

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Amrutveda Amla Capsule is helps to nourish the skin and collagen production and powerful anti-oxidant with high vitamin C.


Amla Capsule helps to nourish the skin via encouraging elastin and collagen production. It also supports the integrallings and mucous membranes. It is a powerful anti-oxidant with high vitamin C as also high calcium content. It is beneficial for hair and scalp health, It helps counter premature hair loss and greying. It is known to be excellent for strengthening bones. In addition, it supports digestive function, liver rejuvenation, blood purification, and arterial wall cleansing. It's a tonic for a clear mind and protects the eyes. It helps the body get rid of toxins and free radicals. It reduces inflammation and empowers immunity. It guards against bacterial and viral infections. It boosts metabolism and slows down the ageing process. A powerhouse of nutrition.



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Relieves Supports healthy metabolism, digestion and elimination Promotes anti-inflammatory properties that cool, tone, and nourish tissues and organs. Nourishes the heart and respiratory system Assists natural internal cleansing and maintains regularity of body function. Natural antioxidant and fights against viral infection. Promotes healthy eyes, hair, nails and skin. Builds ojas to support a healthy immune response and youth fulness.


Description: arrowHave 1 to 2 capsules two times a day after meal


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