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Description: Eva X - women power Booster to increase desire and performance EVA-X is her daily dose of performance-enhancing tonic.


Eva X - women power Booster to increase desire and performance EVA-X is her daily dose of performance enhancing tonic which provides her with energy and helps her stay fresh and enthusiastic even after a hard days work. It is a combination of 100% natural Ayurvedic herbs which gives her extreme energy and desire to make her marital life full of happiness . 

Features of Eva- X Capsules - Stimulates provides strength to the body - Excellent stress reliever useful in exhaustion and mental tension. - Prevents premature ageing and its related problems - Stimulated desires and helps have a satisfying relation with the partner. - Gives tremendous energy and provides immunity to the body.

Ingredients & Benefits:

1. Mucuna Pruriens (Kraunch Beeja) : It acts as an Aphrodisiac herb which enhances libido. It has a property to improve the production of hormones growth. Its extracts are commonly used as a body building supplement.

2. Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha) : It has an excellent anti-stress action & is useful in nervous exhaustion, debility, insomnia & mental fatigue.  

3. Shudh Shilajeet : It is an excellent Rasayan which increases the strength & weight of the body & prevents premature ageing process. 

4. Tribulus Terrestris (Gokshura) : It is a Garbhashay Balya herb effective in giving strength to the uterus. 

5. Myristica Fragrans (Jaiphal) : It is an energy enhancer used in depressed desire & also has an analgesic action. 

6. Pushpadhanwa Ras : It is a combination of Rassindur, Nagabhasma, Lohabhasma & Abhrak Bhasma. 

They give strength to the reproductive organs & help in their proper development. They increase the immunity power of the body. Indications : Effective in general weakness. Improves lack of desire. Relieves physical & mental stress. A good immune booster. Increases vitality & improves energy flow through the body. Dosage : 1 capsule twice a day or as directed by the physician.


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Benefits of Eva–X


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1 capsule twice a day after meal


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