Obamin Syrup

Category: Weight Loss

Description: OBAMIN Syrup stays true to its nameā€¦it surely will help you win over obesity provided you do maintain a healthy lifestyle and a proper balanced diet. A determined mind and will power can makes mountains move, then what is obesity!!! Obamin has four such Natural Ayurvedic herbs and formulations which directly work on all the aspects of obesity i.e.  Meda dhatu (Fats), Agni (Digestion),  Poshan (Nutrition of tissues) and Aahar- vihar (food and weight management). 


  • This medicine works on the Meda dhatu or the fat globules to decrease their excess quantity, its loose texture is corrected and it is made compact for the skin to hold and not stretch.
  • It most importantly works on the digestion. It corrects the digestion and appetite so that metabolism increases and fat keeps burning and not stored. The body uses all the fat and so there is no deposition and conversion of the fats. It betters the appetite so that one does not over eat.
  • The medicine scrapes unwanted toxins, reduces ill effects of obesity, cures and corrects all the aches, pains, and irregular menses, reduces blockages etc.
  • The Vidang in it kills the worms which eat up most of the nutrients in the food leaving the waste for the body which increases weight.
  • It contains excellent rejuvenator which corrects the conditions, increases resistance of the body against diseases. Keeps the body healthy, wealthy and fit!! It increases the work capacity and enthusiasm too.




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  2. Suppressed your appetite and helps in weight loss by increasing carbohydrate metabolism by pancreas

  3. These herbs Detoxifies your whole body and regularize functioning of digestive system

  4. Well know effective Ayurvedic classical formulation to reduce extra meda in body

  5. It improves digestion to control new fat Formation in our body

  6. It maintains energy level While doing weight loss

  7. Most safe & effective weight loss formula with health benefits


2 Tablespoon twice a day before meal


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