Obamin tablets

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Obamin Tablet and Syrup more than to shed off your extra pounds give you wide health benefits on overall health which leads to healthy weight loss without side effects.


Nirmal Ayur Life has known to provide excellent result oriented products from last 10 years. Obamin tablet and syrup are tested and proven products for actual requirement in obesity. It has effective herbs combination which acts on metabolism to reduce fat production. Vrikshmla, Guuggul, Vidang ---This product will help you to get back into your desired shape with strong heart , improved body functions and Glowing skin. 

This all happens due to Seabucthron Herb which has fat soluble vitamins helpful to burn fat and at the same time gowing skin as it contains Vitamin E quantity more than Flaxeed oil. It helps to control craving of food but never gives weakness as Seabucthron has lot of vitamin and mineral source.








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  • Obamin Tab - 2 Tablets 3 times a Day Before Meal

  • Obamin Syrup - 2 Tablespoon Twice a Day Before Meal


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