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Dear diabetics, you have nothing to get scared of or be deprived of what is rightfully yours…you can live and enjoy as well as the others do….ASHWATUL DB is just the medicine for you….

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AmrutvedaAshwatul DB Capsule

Diabetes mellitus or the Type 2 Diabetes is rampant in today’s society. 6 out of 10 people are either diabetic or have pre diabetes. The problems of diabetics are known to everyone and what a Diabetic goes through, god forbid, anybody must face it… the after effects and complications of diabetes create a void in the lives of people especially men..

They no longer feel the sexual urges, are no longer strong enough mentally and physically and to top it off they are bogged down with the en number of medications and do’s and don’ts. .

This surely takes a toll on the overall health of the man. Sometimes he has his urges, but not the energy to fulfill them. He cannot get the desired erection or cannot sustain till a good orgasm.A common aphrodisiac cannot overcome these problems in diabetic men. Nirmal’sASHWATUL DB comes to the rescue!!!

Why Ashwatul DB Capsule

• It is an excellent tonic in the form of a capsule..

• t works not only to increase the sexual urges and cure the symptoms of sexual weakness..

• Its USP lies in the fact that ASHWATUL DB also acts on the associated symptoms and side effects of Diabetes.

• This is the only medicine available in the market today which has been carefully formulated by the doctors at NirmalAyur Life Pvt.Ltd. to provide cure not only on the sexual problems but also the associated problems in diabetes..

• It helps you achieve immense level of pleasure without you having to worry about the surge of blood sugar levels..

• Cures ill effects of Diabetes on the Sexual Health of Men.

• Helps in controlling the blood sugar.

.Increases Libido and Sperm Count

TinisporaCordifolia This gives nutrition in sexual weakness. Also useful in weak digestion in diabetes to control increased blood sugar level.

Phyllanthusemblica It is used in Rasayanchikitsa to enhance energy.

WithaniaSomniferaIt increases shukradhatu to improve sexual desire and achieve extreme satisfaction..

ShuddhaShilajeetDiabetic patient experiences general weakness due to improper blood circulation.

MyristicaFragrans This herb is effective to sustain ejaculation and helps to reach orgasm.

MoringapterygospermaThis herb provides energy and strength to the body with elimination of sexual weakness in diabetes..

Anacycluspyrethrum This herb improves performance. Also useful in weak nerves in Diabetes..

Helpful as Rasayan in Diabetic Patient..

Improves erectile dysfunction & prevents early ejaculation.

Relieves physical & mental stress..

Have meals at regular timings.

Eat more fresh fruits & vegetables. .

Consume meat & egg in moderate quantities.

Smoke & consume alcohol.

Take hot water bath.

Skip regular meals.

One or two capsules twice a day on As directed by physician.

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1.What is the action of Ashwatul-DB-Care-Capsules?

Diabetes or high blood sugar is very serious disease. Uncontrolled diabetes usually damages heart, kidney, eyes, nervous system & sexual power. Due to diabetes, you are at a higher risk for erectile dysfunction. In fact at some point, at least 55% of men with diabetes have to face erectile dysfunction in some way or the other and as they get aged the problem gets even worse. At times even the younger men, aged just 21years who are diabetic have to face similar situation, this can be devastating especially for them.

Results show that it works even where the allopathic medicines failed. Getting Diabetic does not mean that your sex life is over. Diabeta-DB-Care-Capsules has been formulated to cure ill effects of Diabetes on the sexual health of a man. Moreover there are no side effects of this medicine as it is made of herbs and it can be taken with peace of mind. It is the best Ayurvedic medicine to overcome the after effects of raised blood sugar on nervous system and blood vessels permanently. It improves blood supply to the sexual organs and helps men in sustaining hard erection and overcome premature ejaculation. So that you can start enjoying your sex life once again.

2.Stay On Ashwatul-DB-Care-Capsules

In today’s busy schedule and lifestyle, men have a shorter life span than women as they are more likely to stop routine checkups and delay taking a healthcare advice for symptoms of a health problem. Researchers have been noticed that cases of mental illness and suicide rates are higher in men than their female counterparts. Thus, understanding and being aware of the important health issues in men is vital.

The problem arises when a person loses interest in developing or strengthening sexual relationships. Can a person lead a beautiful sexless life? The answer is a big NO. Love is the base of a relationship and sex is one of its core elements. If any of them gets missed, then clouds of problems start to get formed between the couple. Sex attaches two people together emotionally and physically in such a manner that it becomes very difficult for the partners to live apart from each other. Some of the keys for amazing sexual pleasure are perfect partner, libido, strong and erected penis, experimentation with different positions and orgasm..

3.Advantages Of Ashwatul-DB-Care-Capsules

Men need to follow a proactive approach to maintain the healthy lifestyle. First thing is that they should not be negligible for any kind of health issue and should consult the right person immediately as it can lead to measure consequences. Other solutions like eating healthy food, performing regular exercises, consuming the right amount of vitamins, checking the presence of prostate regularly, quitting smoking and intake of alcohol may help recover men’s health.

On the other hand, traditional ayurvedic supplements help repair men’s health. Also there are some herbal formulations that may help effectively on low counting of sperms, low immunity, completely 0% of vigor and strength and even inactiveness. Herbal products like Ashwagandha, Krounchbeej, Musli and Shilajit have powerful properties to heal the reproductive system. They can restore the lost deficiency of required components and hormonal balance in men’s body.The Advantages of Ashwatul-DB-Care-Capsules is::

  • Cures ill effects of Diabetes on the Sexual Health of Men
  • Helps in controlling the blood sugar
  • Cures Erectile Dysfunction
  • Cures Erectile Premature Ejaculation
  • Increases Libido and Sperm Count
  • No Side Effects

3.Use Of Ashwatul-DB-Care-Capsules

Pleasure is important in one’s life just as all other basic necessities. Sex is one activity that people relish and it undoubtedly has many benefits. It is the most natural form of relaxation and connection between people. But we’re also familiar with the problems that men can face during sex. One of the major problems is reduced sex power which leads to unsatisfied sex and also a troubled relationship with the partner. Men have tried numerous sex medicines and Ayurvedic products to boost their sex power but have failed in performing healthy in bed.

There have been many products that promise a boost in sex power but have proved to be unsafe or these sex medicines come with a harmful side effect. Whereas Ayurvedic products have ascertained to be more effective and reliable. Ayurvedic medicine has been recognized as the best of all for decades now. It attacks directly the root of the problem and helps you recover from your condition in no time.

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