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How to Become a Direct Business Owner

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As dynamic direct selling company Amrutveda is contributing to change lives with mission of creating path for financial freedom by offering best business plan and easy income. Amrutveda brand is registered trademark looking forward to achieve target of 1 million members till 2020 with dynamic qualified young management team .Many good network marketing companies provide a system and training, so regardless of the size of your network – or ability to sell, you can be successful. Everything else is a learnable skill, and you have an abundance of people to practice networking with..

The Amrutveda Wellness gives you a great Opportunity to works in two-fold. Giving you a chance to build your own business.A network marketing professional is someone who leverages his or her social and professional relationships to market, sell and distribute products or services. At the same time, he or she will also be building a team of others who do the same.

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Sales and Plans

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The core of the Amrutveda Sales and Marketing Plan's income opportunity is the sale of quality Amrutveda products to retail customers. As your Amrutveda business grows, the rewards you earn grow in proportion.A single presentation may earn multiple referrals and wider leads can be obtained, broadening the network can be thus done easily. Now, moving onto Multi-level marketing, the main and ultimate focus will be a network of efforts. Here, most of the organizational structure is created with sponsors and many units of users that leads the marketing as a "sponsor multiple process"..

The Amrutveda Products has exceptional quality and results with 50 years experience based formula. All products are in affordable prices and giving instant relief in various health problems from last 20 years . These tested and proven products are made in 25000 sq ft GMP manufacturing plant under doctor supervision .

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Success and Incentives

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With the Amrutveda Wellness Business opportunity, there is no limit to how much you can earn. You’re in control of how much money you make. You set your own goals on your own schedule. The rewards depend only on your effort, hard work, and ability.

You can be rewarded with income, incentive trips, recognition and more through Monthly performance bonuses .. Monthly and annual leadership bonuses, other cash awards, and business incentives based on group performance.There are tools out there that will help you become a successful Network Marketing professional. But you have to reach for them. There are books out there, but you have to buy them and read them. There are Network Marketing events that will help, but you have to go and attend them. Your company has products that can assist you, but you have to use them.

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Business Support

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All staff of Amrutveda are associated from last 10 years . They are committed to their work and always happy to help all members during their way to be an Amrutveda Entrepreneur. Support team is always ready to solve queries and provide all information about new announcements..

Sharing the products is the key to your success. Your income will be directly related to your efforts in sharing and selling the products, the opportunity, and building a sales organization.The reality of MLM is that big money is rare. That's not to say that it's not a viable way to make money from home, but it's not automatic or easy. Check out this article that shares a study regarding the network marketing industry and tips on how you can beat the odds and achieve success.

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Part of Our big Events/Programs

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Amrutveda Provides all marketing tools like Informatory brochures , leaflets , product guide etc to learn and guide patients to start correct medicine . Amrutveda regularly gives leadership training, seminars and helpline support to increase their knowledge .Although, due to the incredible flexibility of this program we are able to support only a limited number of direct selling companies per month.

We arrange big events or programs in our launching of our product.And we Invite all our Members and meet all and find a great opertunity to make your business growth.One can only do so much and not everyone has all the answers – regardless of their salary and/or experience. By the same token, you can’t expect to hire a junior assistant who will have the desire, motivation, and knowledge to make the right calls to the right people to get the right answer.

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Our Business Stories

Amrutveda Provides Best Healthy Living with 50 years experience based Herbal Products and Unlimited Earning opportunity.

How To Start Amrutveda Business
Daily 2 – 3 Hrs to work part time

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Rs 3000

Business Promotinal Kit

You will Start getting Spot 20 % Discount on all Amrutveda Product Repurchase which is Called as Retail Profit.Eg. MRP - Rs.100/- Purchase Price after discount will be Rs.80/- known as D.P. ( Distributor Price )


Income Pattern

Earn Rs.500/- first time 2 :1 or 1:2 and

then all 1 :1 team building.Trimming

of 5th , 10th, 20th, 30th on


Daily Capping

Daily capping is 10 pairs

in team and Earn

Rs.5000/- per Day


Rewards Benefit

All Pairs will be eligible for rewards

which gives opportunity to earn

unlimited per day

Why Power of Team

The Power of Team is an important bonus designed to help you structure your Amrutveda business in an effective way. While you could potentially sponsor all of your new enrollees, this is not your best strategy if you want to maximize the compensation plan. Instead, place your new enrollees under a builder or sharer on your downline that will work well with them. Consider personality types, background, etc. before placing someone. For more help on this, see our post on Structuring Users, Sharers, and Builders.

Power of Team is an excellent way to get a new enrollee excited to build. It can take a while for the unilevel commission to show up in their check, but Power of Team helps them have income in the meantime. Focus on helping them find three people to place under them. When you teach your team to build according to the Power of Team structure, you are also helping them build the organization they need to reach leadership ranks.

Revolutionary Business concept

Set your own goals and achieve them with Amrutveda Wellness direct selling business as there is no limit how much you can earn. This opportunity is one of the most competitive strategy in industry. Instant Results after sharing products is success key in Amrutveda. This business plan gives you various eating options without any compulsion of previous experience, education or age limit. Our member gets total reward of all efforts done. There is 100 % satisfaction of nothing gets lapse. You decide whether you want to earn part-time or fulltime business but we assure you that Amrutveda will enter into your life and change your lifestyle incredibly. In Amrutveda retirement is just a beginning and part time work gives more income than full time job. So fulfill your family commitments with us and feel the difference.

Who can start our business

Part Time Earning for Salaried People

Increasing expenses are biggest problem and forces every one for proper financial planning and sufficient money is essential for fulfilling your aspirations. A second source of income can further ease the journey towards your goals and relieves some pressure .in fact it is the basic need of everyone .

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The supplementary source of income can also act as a cushion against a sudden job loss situations or a pay cut and could even turn into your primary source of income if you are passionate enough about the vocation. Many cases these extra income is more than monthly salary which made them further to leave that time bounding jab in future .This is the best way to start tested and proven business to check our entrepreneur skills without investment.

Amruytveda is the safe business for every salaried person as it doesn’t require particular timing or huge money .its pure family home business needs just 1 to 2 hours per day or weekend holidays .Best Option for Extra income apart from your job

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